QA for VR/AR Content

A full-service specialized solution for Quality Assurance and Testing of VR / AR content. We cover technical & functional aspects, usability and creative value, but also the physical aspects of the experience.

Thanks to our trained and specialized staff and hardware inventory, we don’t use automation, virtualization, or crowdsourcing.
We developed specific test protocols and software solutions to generate quantitative and qualitative reports, covering functional and creative aspects, as well as physical discomfort.

  • QA VR Lab

    • 100+ mobile devices + GearVR, Daydream, Cardboard, etc
    • Vive, Oculus, PlaystationVR, etc., powered by different CPUs, GPUs, RAM configs
    • Large open space flexible for room-scale, seated and standing experiences
    • Experienced QA staff and industry standard reporting tools
  • Hardware Performance

    • Monitoring of CPU, framerate, motion tracking response, etc
    • Performance variations across headsets, mobile devices, and CPUs, GPUs, RAM configs
    • Impact of changes in device temperature, loss of connection, input device connectivity, calibration, etc
    • Multiplayer experience testing
  • UX Testing

    • Qualitative & quantitative reports of UX at different network speeds & hardware configurations
    • Biometric data capture (motion intensity, heart rate, temperature)
    • Experience with Functional and Non-Functional Testing
  • Physical Testing

    • Quantitative reporting of the physical experience through biometric data capture
    • Qualitative reporting on effects of VR usage using SSQ
    • Reporting physical effects of a VR application using a varying demographic of participants

Web Content & App QA

Cross-browser testing for digital content on any existing device, with a focus on UX and creative execution.

As an approved rich-media creative QA vendor for some of the most demanding tech brands in the world, our manual testing services address the industry’s need for Quality Assurance specialized in UX and creative execution. Our San Francisco team of QA producers offers expertise and support to our US based clients, from planning to recommendations. Our Japan-based bilingual QA team is 16 hours ahead of West Coast, working with hourly rates at a fraction of US costs, delivering “Handcrafted in Japan” service.

  • Phase 01

    Project Kick-off

    • San Francisco or Japan based PM assigned
    • Define QA test plan and target configurations
    • Duration of one QA round × number of configurations × hourly rate = cost
  • Phase 02

    QA Testing

    • Manual QA on real devices, 250+ configurations
    • Up to 30 testers simultaneously, across two QA rooms (This is 500 rounds of QA in one day!)
    • Only actual QA hours are charged within pre-agreed max budget
  • Phase 03

    QA Report

    • Report for each tested configuration, functional, UX and creative aspects
    • Industry standard reporting platforms: Jira, RedMine, etc...
    • Technical recommendation for fix included when possible
  • Phase 04


    • Iterative across development process, pre-launch or live QA
    • Structure & skills available to apply corrective actions
    • Staff of 100+ UX, UI, front-end, backend and apps developers
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