01 May 2017 / App, Movie

A movie presenting a view of future life from a kids perspecitve at the Docomo Museum of the Future.
Celebrating their 15 year anniversary, a workshop for schoolkids was held where kids had the chance to create images and text detailing the future. By placing a 360 degree camera in front of the train, the track and the beautiful nature around it were tastefully combined digitally. With digital content superimposed over a blue sky onto the roof of the carriage, participants got to enjoy a very special train ride immersed in a once in a lifetime digital experience.

Client : NTT docomo
Agency : Asatsu DK
Producer : Kaoru Nagae
Planner / Director : Kenichi Oikawa
Director : Tatsuya Sato
Production Manager : Kazuki Moritomi
Production Manager : Misa Higashi
Movie : Masanori Yamaguchi(REELVISION)
Device & Special Support : Prism Co.,Ltd
Technical Support : Crossdevice Co.Ltd.