Privacy Policy

ASA Inc. (hereinafter the “Company”) acknowledges the importance of protection of the personal information in creating and developing the latest technology information including the Internet, and visual expressions and methods and in providing the customers with the services, and hereby declares that, by establishing the following policy to create the environment system in which the customers may use the services with security, the Company will build the mechanism and ensure the continuous efforts to promote the protection of the personal information.

Article 1 Acquisition and Use of Personal Information

The Company will clarify the purpose of use for acquiring the personal information, and use the personal information only to the extent of such purpose. The Company will clearly specify the purpose of use in the personal information management ledger, and introduce and implement the confirmation procedures for the personal information protection managers of the departments dealing with the personal information to ensure on their responsibility that the use of the personal information does not deviate from the purpose of use.

Furthermore, the Company will develop and maintain the internal management system and take safety control measures to prevent the personal information from being used beyond the purpose of use.

Article 2 Management and Protection of Personal Information

The Company will manage the personal information strictly and carefully, and will not disclose or provide the data to any third parties except in cases where the consent from the customers is obtained. In addition, the Company will prescribe and implement the safety control measures to protect the personal information from leakage, loss or damage. Furthermore, the Company will set and implement the procedures to prevent the occurrence of problems, and should any problem occurs, the Company will promptly take corrective measures to prevent recurrence.

Article 3 Compliance with Laws, Regulations and Codes

The Company will comply with the laws and regulations, and guidelines and other codes established by the government applicable to the handling of the personal information held by it.

Article 4 Response to Inquiries and Complaints

The Company will develop and maintain the system and procedures for acceptance of and response to any inquires and complaints concerning the personal information held by it and quickly respond to such inquires and complaints.

Article 5 Continuous Improvement of Personal Information Protection Management System and Mechanism

The Company will implement continuous improvement of the management system and mechanism for the personal information protection.

Enactment on March 21, 2005
Revised on October 1, 2016
ASA Inc. Managing Director/CEO Yutoku Matsutani
2F Komatsu Bussan Bld., 1-4-28, Ichibancho, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi, 9800811 Japan

■Contact for inquiries and complaints concerning the personal information in the Company
Personal Information Protection Manager : Hitoshi Hishinuma
Telephone: 022-214-2772
FAX: 022-214-6536

Handling of Personal Information

ASA Inc. (hereinafter the “Company”) will handle the personal information by the following methods in accordance with the policy set forth above.

Acquisition of Personal Information

The personal information to be acquired by the Company varies depending on the services, etc. provided by the Company.

In some cases the Company may acquire the personal information, such as e-mail address, postal address, name, date of birth and telephone (including mobile phone and facsimile) number, but in other cases it may acquire the information via video, etc., such as age, gender and personal appearance, etc.

Furthermore, the Company may acquire the personal information on entities (the personal information by which an individual belonging to a corporation may be identified as belonging to the relevant corporation and the information on a sole proprietor released by the relevant sole proprietor for the performance of its business on the Internet, etc. or in the name list such as trade journal) for the purpose of planning and creation by the Company.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

For the purpose of use of the personal information acquired by the Company, we will use the relevant personal information to the reasonable extent necessary for the performance of the Company’s business.

  • Video creation, Web application development, maintenance and operation services of information system, creation of printed materials.
  • Audition and extra.
  • Hiring decision and personnel management.
  • Business communication and accounting management.

As for the personal information on recruitment and personnel management as the personal information subject to the disclosure, the person concerned may request fromthe Company the notification of purpose of use, disclosures, correction of, addition to or deletion of the content, and suspension of use, erasure and suspension of provision to third parties.

Management of Personal Information

The Company will appoint the manager for the personal information, clarify his/her roles, and develop and maintain the environment in which the manager may take actions for the protection of the personal information in appropriate manners.

Provision of Personal Information

The Company will not provide the personal information to any third parties, except in the following cases:

  • Consent of the person concerned is obtained.
  • Such provision is required pursuant to laws and regulations.
  • Any services are outsourced to the Company’s contractors. In this case, “Outsourcing of Personal Information Processing” set forth below will be followed.

Outsourcing of Personal Information Processing

The Company may outsource the services, such as arrangement for accounting management including personnel management, handling of postal mails and parcel delivery, filming and creation to an external outsourcing contractor.

In this case, the Company will select an outsourcing contractor which is deemed to be capable of managing the personal information in appropriate manners and prepare and execute a document such as an outsourcing agreement, etc. to clarify the responsibilities assumed by the respective parties, method of management of the personal information, measures taken in the case of re-entrustment, etc. The relevant agreement prescribes that the outsourcing contractor will assume obligations to strictly control and keep confidential the personal information and will be prohibited from handling the personal information beyond the scope designated by the Company.

Voluntary Provision of Personal Information

The personal information is provided to the Company of the person’s own free will and he/she will never be compelled to do so.

However, please note that the Company may not be able to provide appropriate services if a certain part of the personal information is not provided to the Company.

Disclosure, Updating, etc. of Personal Information

The Company will take measures for disclosure, modification, deletion, suspension of use, etc. of the personal information provided by the person concerned to a reasonable extent if the relevant person makes a request for such measures.

However, the foregoing provision will not apply if complying with the person’s request is likely to endanger the lives, physical health, properties, or other interests of others, or if the Company determines that it will substantially hinder the performance of its business operations.

In addition, if prescribed in laws and regulations, the Company will respond to the matter in appropriate manners in accordance with the relevant laws and regulation. For details about request for disclosure, etc., see the “Procedures for making and complying with a request for the notification of the purpose of use of the personal information, etc.

Use of Cookie and SSL

Cookie is used for customers to view the Company’s website more conveniently when they visit the relevant website once again, and will not infringe the customers’ privacy or never have adverse impact on the customers’ computers.

Furthermore, the Company use the data encryption system of SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) for all the spaces in which the personal information is entered on our website. Additionally, the Company adopts measures to protect the information within the website, such as building the firewalls. However, please be noted in advance that such measures does not give full guarantee of security due to the nature of the Internet communication.